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May special

Reserve a campsite or cabin for the month of May and get a 40% discount on campsites or 30% discount on cabins.  If you reserve online you will see the regular price but when you speak to us about your deposit, mention May special and the discount will be applied!!


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All of our available accommodations are listed below as 'Our Rooms'.  Each campsite indicates if it is electric only, electric and water, full hook-up back-in or full hook-up pull-thru. 


The calculated rate for a campsite will include taxes which will be deducted from your charge when you check-in. Additional guests, tents or campers on your site may be subject to an additional cost of $10 per day which will be adjusted upon check-in.

The calculated rate for cabins may be adjusted when you check-in.  Additional guests above the number listed for the cabin or pets may have a $10 per day charge.  

Check-in time for cabins is 3:00 PM and for campsites is 1:00 PM.

Check-out time for cabins is 10:00 AM and for campsites is 11:00 AM.

To make changes to your reservation, please contact us to make the changes for you.  


A 50% deposit is required at the time of the reservation. Confirmation of your reservation at Log Cabin Resort & Campground in Curtis, MI will not be complete until a deposit is made or other arrangements are agreed upon.  We will be contacting you based on the information you have provided.  If the information provided is invalid or if, in our efforts to collect the deposit no response is received within 7 days, your reservation will be cancelled. 


If you do not hear from us within 5 days it means something has happened with either the information provided or with the reservation so please contact us to make sure it has not been cancelled. 


When reservations are cancelled due to no response being received in our attempts to collect a deposit, any further reservation attempted by the individual will be immediately removed.  In these cases, you will need to contact us directly to make a reservation.

Refunds are available for the entire amount of your deposit minus a $20 processing fee if reservations are cancelled 60 days in advance of arrival.  All other cancellations are subject to review by the owner and may result in one of the following:


  -- no refund of the deposit

  -- a reduced refund based on the reason for the cancellation

  -- a credit for a future stay

When registering for a campsite:

  • Tax may be calculated but will be removed upon arrival.

  • No Pet Fees are required at registration.

When registering for a cabin:

  • Please add appropriate pet fees of $10 a day with a minimum of $20.


All fees for campsites AND cabins MAY be adjusted when reservation is received or upon arrival.

All reservations made electronically have a 2 night minimum stay.  If you wish to reserve for 1 night, please contact us directly via email or phone (see Contact Us page).

Thank you for choosing Log Cabin Resort & Campground for your vacation!!

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