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We have a lot available at Log Cabin for anyone visiting.  There are bathrooms, showers, a laundry room, a fish cleaning shack, wood and more!

dump station/honey wagon

Yes, we do have a dump station AND a honey wagon.  If you are staying with us the use of the dump station is free. 


For anyone camping in the surrounding area wishing to use our dump station there is a $20 fee.

We will bring the honey wagon to your campsite (at Log Cabin Resort & Campground) for a $20 fee.

community building

Use our Community Building for get togethers or just to get out of the rain.  Bring in your own games or watch the TV.  Please don't light a fire in the fireplace though! 


With Covid, many campers have used this as a computer area to make sure they have a good internet connection.  If you find someone having a meeting, please be considerate of noise.


Need to fill up your tanks or water jugs?  We have water available near the dump station at no cost to our guests.

fish cleaning shack

Did you catch some fish?  Instead of cleaning them in your cabin, camper or tent, use the Fish Cleaning Shack located down by the swimming beach!!  There are bags provided in the shack to dispose of the waste.  Simply fill them up and throw the bag in the freezer. Please clean up after yourself with the hose provided.  

camp store

The camp store is located in the office and has gifts, ice cream, candy and limited fishing supplies.  We do not carry bait.

ice is available

Need ice?  It's available here for $2.25 per 7 lb bag.

Community Building.JPG

Crate of wood


1/2 Cart of wood and

free fire starter


Full Cart of wood and 2 free fire starters




We have wood

We do not allow outside wood so we can protect our remaining trees.  A few years ago many of our trees got a disease causing us to remove many of them so we are very strict about this.  Our firewood is kiln dried so it burns well, even when it is slightly wet.  

If we are not in the office, feel free to fill a milk crate full of wood from our woodshed and either put the $6.00 in the self-pay box or bring it into the office when someone is there.  If you wish to have larger loads delivered to you, please see us in the office.

Entrance to Women's bathroom.JPG
front of bathroom.png

bathrooms/shower house

The women's bathroom contains 2 toilet stalls, 3 sinks and 2 showers.

The men's bathroom contains 2 toilet stalls, 2 urinals, 2 sinks, a washtub and 2 showers.

Women's toilet stalls.JPG
Women's sinks.JPG
Women's shower 2.JPG
Men's shower 2.JPG
Men's sinks.JPG
Men's bathroom 2.JPG

laundry room

For those staying an extended period of time we have a laundry room on site.  It contains 4 washers and dryers.  The cost is $1.25 per wash and $1.25 per dry.  Please provide your own laundry detergent and softener.  Quarters and Tide pods with softener are available in the office.

Dryers and table.JPG
Laundry Room.JPG
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