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Hey There

This page is where you can find announcements about special things happening on the campground or when there are issues you need to know about.


Our new equipment has been installed at the campground and it seems to have improved the signal.  We're hoping to have better luck with our Internet Service Provider this year so it makes it easier for you to use the wifi.  The password has been changed so make sure you stop in at the office to get the new one!  Let us know what you think and where you think we should try to improve the signal.

Reservations for 2022 and 2023

YES, we ARE taking reservations for 2022 AND 2023. Some of the areas are filling up fast so be sure to check with us.  Please call, email or use our new online registration page if you would like to reserve a site or cabin.  Deposits will be collected for the 2022 reservations but there are no deposits necessary for the 2023 reservations at this time.  Lisa will contact people who register online to verify your reservation and collect a deposit.  If a deposit or a special arrangement is not made within 7 days, your reservation will be cancelled so make sure to respond to emails or calls right away.

maple ridge sunset 3.jpg




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