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Ant Farm Episode 1

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Ant Farm Episode 1

"transplANTed" (also stylized as Transplanted) is the pilot episode of the Disney Channel series A.N.T. Farm. It first aired as a preview on May 6, 2011, and officially aired on May 22, 2011 with the inclusion of the theme song.

Chyna wants to stay up to watch High Heels High and Darryl gives her special permission if she studies after a couple of episodes; however, she stays up all night, and when she aces her science exam, she thinks that the teachers are giving her and the ANTs special treatment so they can compete and win trophies for Webster High. Meanwhile, Lexi and Cameron find Principal Skidmore's phone and keep it in order to receive the reward.

In this Halloween version of the pilot episode "transplANTed", it is Chyna's first day in the "MUTANT Program", where the ANTs and Gibson are monsters and the older kids are regular humans. Chyna is a Medusa, so she fits right in with her new Mutant Program friends: Olive, a mad scientist; Fletcher, a vampire; and Angus, a zombie. The social hierarchy roles have been reversed and the older kids are actually scared of the ANTs, so Gibson pairs everybody off to help prepare for the "mutants only" Halloween dance.

Chyna helps Cameron impress Vanessa, a model he has a crush on (his imaginary girlfriend in the previous episode was derived from a picture of her on a magazine). Meanwhile, Lexi gets a job at Hippo's new restaurant, and trying to make Lexi miserable at her job, Olive and Fletcher change the theme of the restaurant to make her life a wreck, but it backfires every time.

Zoltan Grundy discovers the ANT farm after Angus breaks into his security system. He builds an ANT boarding school where everyone has to audition to get in after Skidmore pretends she cannot afford a good ANT farm. However, only Olive, Fletcher and Angus get in because Zoltan had chosen another music prodigy whom everyone believes is Lexi. She throws a party to celebrate the new school, but Angus and the others prefer studying. Meanwhile, Olive and Fletcher try to help Chyna find the music room so she can record a song to prove to Zoltan that she belongs there. In the end, Chyna is accepted into the school and it is also revealed that Lexi is not a music prodigy but a math prodigy since, when she finished her performance for her audition, she took out her Z-phone Classic and explained mathematically to Zoltan why she did not get the Z-phone 2 which amazes Zoltan.[56]

Season 1 of A.N.T. Farm premiered on May 6th, 2011 as a preview and June 17th, 2011 as a series premiere. The full season consisted of 25 episodes and aired from May 6th, 2011 to April 13th, 2012.

A.N.T. Farm is an American teen sitcom which originally aired on Disney Channel from May 6, 2011 to March 21, 2014.[1] It first aired on May 6, 2011, as a special one-episode preview and continued as a regular series starting on June 17, 2011.[2] After airing as the preview of the series, the pilot episode "transplANTed" later re-aired after the series finale of The Suite Life on Deck.[3] The series was created by Dan Signer, a former writer and co-executive producer of The Suite Life on Deck and creator of the YTV series Mr. Young. In mid-November 2010, Disney Channel greenlit the series,[4] with production beginning in early 2011.[5] The first promo was released during the premiere of Lemonade Mouth.

Disney Channel announced on November 11, 2010 that they had green-lit the show for production, which began in early 2011.[13] The show was first conceived when Dan Signer, creator of the show, saw China Anne McClain. "The girl had so much confidence. She can nail a joke. She can sing. She can play instruments. It's like China was some sort of child prodigy [...] And that's when it hit me: Why not build a show around a child prodigy Someone who's got all of this natural talent & ability, but is still challenged when she's sent off to high school at the age of 11" Signer said in an interview.[14] After the first few episodes


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