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Artbeats New York Aerial Footage Torrent

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Artbeats - Aerials: West Coast City Aerials (NTSC)720x486 30fps NTSC Progressive QuickTime (mov) 3.59 GBTake to the skies and see the West Coast as you've never seen it before! Freeways, landmarks, skyscrapers, skylines and shorelines are surrounded by the big city life in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle, among others. Brush past skyscrapers, glide over rivers, or get long vistas of shorelines and skylines. A timelapse of LA traffic adds to the drama! This aerial collection contains 31 royalty free stock footage clips.

Artbeats - Aerials: Energy Aerials (NTSC)MOV/Foto-JPEG, 720x486 Progressive QuickTime (mov) 5.2 GBThis collection contains a variety of aerial shots of environment issues from across the United States, including five major energy sources. Views of solar panels, wind farms, oil fields, nuclear power plants, and Hoover Dam are included. SD collection contains 43 royalty-free stock footage clips. 1e1e36bf2d


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