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Defcon 16 !FREE! Crack

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Defcon 16 !FREE! Crack

bobbyroode:abc123 => Using john the ripper without wordlistsdefcon:P@ssw0rd => :Gopal => :yaruga7 => :sojjjsojj9 => Hashcat with 10-million-wordlistundertaker:L!verpool => Hashcat with 10-million-wordlist and rulesromanreigns:11128 => Hashcat with rockyou.txtsethrollins:kane311 => Hashcat with rockyou.txt and best064 rulesniajax:Competitive => Hashcat, 10-million passwords, ORTRTAcharlotteflair:L7L8oPwK => Hashcat, brute force 8 character alphanumeric strings on gCloudrandyorton:divvsdivu => Hashcat, Crackstation list, hob064 rulekevinowens:game-destroying => Crackstation list, ORTRTAbraywyatt:5pin873 => Hashcat, 15GB wordlistsashabanks:im46in312 => Hashcat, 15GB wordlistajstyles:syphilitic => Crackstation listrubyriott:re2404 => brute force alphanumericfinnbalor:frobnitz => Wordlists with rulesrondarousey:yagubets1d => Wordlists with rulesalexabliss:Mlsw => brute force alphanumericandyrose:q59dds => Wordlists with rulesthemiz:p3yh28 => Wordlists with rulesbrocklesnar:v2p6jc => Wordlists with rulessonyadeville:YIM1 => brute force alphanumericshanemcmahon:kJmL => brute force alphanumericcarmella:VG;q => brute force special chars

My method was as follows. Follow this tutorial ( to set up Google Cloud GPUs. Then, run Crackstations 15GB wordlist through it ( -wordlist-password-cracking-dictionary.htm. Obviously you want to use rules, to keep it simple: Use short rules for hard to crack hashes such as SHA512 ( -code/Hob0Rules/blob/master/hob064.rule, and use more extensive rules for faster hashes like NTLM ( _cracking_rules.

I first began by using online tools for the NTLM passwords to obtain 4/31 passwords. Then I used John the Ripper and over 100GB of password lists (many came from: -cracking-dictionarys-download-for-free/ (Links to an external site.)) to reach 19/31 by cracking a total of 15 MD5 and SHA512 passwords. I used the same lists on the NTLM passwords with Hashcat, but had no luck. At this point, I started a brute force approach to try to ensure that no short passwords slipped through. I ultimately cracked a total of 4 more MD5 and SHA512 passwords, bringing my total to 23. I also tried brute force on NTLM but had no luck. Finally, I tried rules with Hashcat (hob064 and ORTRTA) on all categories but had no luck. Ultimately, I started about 10 days late used only my own hardware, so I am pleased with the results. But, I am surprised that I did not have better luck with the NTLM passwords.

Three of these hackers talked to me, the other four were covert about their hat hacking. The top scorer used a shell script to automate logging-in with the cracked passwords and putting his name on the scoreboard.

At a high level the contest consisted of cracking a variety of encrypted files, each of which would have individual hashes to crack. For the street teams, the password to crack the encrypted files were fairly simple, so the real challenge there was getting your tooling setup properly to handle those files.

Still, there are times when you have a larger set of rules you quickly want to apply one or more additional mangling rules to. One of the easier ways to to this is to pipe one instance of JtR or Hashcat into another instance of your cracking program of choice.

Of course I need to make a new tip utilizing the PCFG toolset! The PCFG trainer is a really powerful tool to create input dictionaries from cracked passwords. During this contest, one thing I noticed from the passwords I was cracking was that KoreLogic added a large number of two/three letter prefixes/suffixes to the base word. For example, here is some of the mangling rules I started using.

It was harder, but not impossible, for Rose and Ramsey to crack the Mesh Motion Bitlock bicycle lock. Using free software, they replicated the lock's wireless profile on an Android phone, then were able to stage a man-in-the-middle attack on the traffic flowing between the Bitlock, its smartphone


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