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Slrr Engine Tool Mod [BEST]

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8 January, 2018 -ImageCode LLC. 84 CommentsWe have released the new version of workshop uploader for Street Legal Racing: Redline. Now it has 4 modes for working with workshop:1. 'Create': allows you to upload new items to workshop2. 'Modify': edit previously published workshop items3. 'Delete': delete items4. 'Info': list your published itemsYou can read an updated documentation for this utilityAnd this update also includes the new build 935 with few minor improvements:- No more 'MSVCP140.dll' errors on Windows 7- Less memory leaks in resource engine, better stability- Game could move you to the garage after exiting freeride mode- Cheats and inputs will work if your default keyboard layout is not english- No more corrupted images in screenshots folder- Vehicles could suddenly fall through the ground in the city, that must not happen now.

EXAMPLEYou're adding a car that consists of the following files and directories:DIR AudiTT2006FILE AudiTT2006.rpkThe game will recognize this car only if folder AudiTT2006 andfile AudiTT2006.rpk will be placed in cars/racers directory. The file structure will look like this:DIR cars/racers/AudiTT2006FILE cars/racers/AudiTT2006.rpkNow imagine that there's an automatic tool that will not read the instruction and just copy the files right into the game folder. Of course, this car will not work after that. To avoid this situation, you need to recreate folder structure like your mod is already installed into the game and copy it to content folder of workshop uploader.If your mod is replacing original game files, it's ok, installation tool will leave their backups. Just put them into right folders, otherwise they will not work after installation. 1e1e36bf2d


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