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Lesson 3 Homework Practice Subtract Integers !LINK!


Lesson 3 Homework Practice Subtract Integers !LINK!

3-Read is a mathematics and language comprehension strategy designed to delay the rush to an answer, deepen student understanding of both the situation and the mathematics, and help students make sense of a problem before setting out to solve it. The strategy consists of reading the stem of a problem (the problem without a question) three times aloud, in close proximity, while establishing a specific purpose for each read: 1) comprehending the text; 2) comprehending the mathematics; and 3) eliciting mathematical questions based on the information provided.Too often, students disengage from math problems, and simply take the numbers and do something with them (add, subtract, multiply or divide). 3-Reads is designed to engage them in making sense of the problem first, and then drawing connections between the situation and the quantities presented. By asking students to come up with mathematical questions on their own, 3-Reads focuses their attention on the context and the mathematical structures, and helps to ensure that students understand both the explicit and the implicit information and quantities presented, setting them up for meaningful productive struggle with a math problem. It delays their need for an immediate answer, and helps students get to the mathematics of a lesson or a unit. 1e1e36bf2d


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