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Qasas Ul Anbiya English Pdf

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Qasas al-Anbiyin: Mu'jam al-Kabeer by Hamid Ulluwol (published in 1988), he wrote this book in which he collected the sayings, and gave the non-Muslim sources of these sayings. The size of this work is big (he wrote about fifty volumes in total) and its language very complicated and poetic. He uses both lexical comparison and the perspective of a historian, to solve or clarify a few words.

Qasas al-Anbiyin by Abd al-Rahman Al-Ghumari (published in 1994), is a booklet written in Arabic, in which he collected the sayings and gave the sources of them. This edition is considered more reliable than the previous one because it uses the script of the majority of the sources from the previous edition.

Qasas al-Anbiyin by Ibn Batuta (d. 1457, AH 150), this book is very different from his previous one. This time it is in chronological order with new narrations added each page, and he has said that this book is a continuation of his previous book, with the purpose of presenting more complete information on the lives of the Prophets from the beginning of their career until the death of their followers. It is also a proper writing, where he uses the script of the sources that are used in the previous edition.

Qasas al-Anbiyin by Muhammad Zaghloul (published in 1958, AH 10), he took more the approach of a historian and explained the origin of each story and collected the early narrations about the Prophets, and added the stories that are widely known from other books. He added a complete chapter to each Prophet mentioning the names of their progeny and the countries in which they lived, and gave more information of them. It is a very large book, it is in the format of a book, and it is also called the third edition. 3d9ccd7d82


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