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Water Supply And Sanitary Engineering By Gs Birdie Pdf Free Download


Water Supply And Sanitary Engineering By Gs Birdie Pdf Free Download

finally, pipes are of two types. a pipe is a longitudinal, cylindrical channel for the passage of fluids. it is made from metal and has a smooth interior surface and a smooth exterior. because of the requirement that the fluid should not touch the interior walls of the pipe, the pipe wall thickness is greater than that of a tube. the most common use of pipes is to carry water. a system of pipe is a pipeline, and is a subdivision of a water supply or water transmission system.

however, pipes can be used for other fluids, such as gas, but their use is limited because they are not intended to withstand fluids with a high pressure. pipes are therefore used for transferring fluids, and the selected system of pipes is called a conduit. most conduits are made of metal, but conduits made of other materials are also used. a conduit is a pipeline designed to carry fluids. some conduits have a smooth interior surface and a smooth outer surface. conduits are generally used for transferring fluids and for transport of materials, but metal pipes can also be used for this purpose. pipe is also used for conveying fluids other than water.

the majority of problems faced in modern sewers by reason of floods, sewage, or other hazards are an indirect result of the spreading of health problems into all walks of life. today the extension of health problems to the remote parts of the country affects also the remote relations of people. this new problem adds to the hazards of already troublesome civic engineering problems. these and other related problems have brought about a deep change in views and practices of the sanitation engineer, who has been forced to concern himself not only with the sanitary problems of the city but also with the problems of the rural environment. 3d9ccd7d82


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