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The Devonsville Terror

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The Devonsville Terror

Convinced that Jenny, Chris, and Monica are the witches reincarnated, Walter persuades Matthew and others kidnap each of the women one night. Chris is taken into the woods, bound, and killed by hunting dogs mirroring the death of Jessica. Monica is taken from her radio station and dragged behind a truck mirroring the death of Mary. Jenny is kidnapped from her home and bound to a stake. The group recreates the Devonsville Inquisition and threatens to burn Jenny like Rebecca. However, Jenny unleashes her power, kills them all violently with witchcraft, and releases herself from her bindings. The next morning, Jenny boards a bus leaving Devonsville. A postscript intertitle from Dr. Warley's journal states that the curse has been lifted, and the Devonsville terror is over. 59ce067264


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