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Buy Valentine One Radar Detector

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Also known as Rear Cross Traffic Warning (RCTW) or similar sounding names, these systems are usually tied in with Blind Spot Warning systems on K band. When reverse has been engaged, the system will warn of a vehicle or object approaching from behind on either side of the vehicle or directly from behind, yet out of rear camera range. Some systems will even apply the brakes to avoid impact. V1 Gen2 resists interference from RCTW radar.last revised 4/20/2020

Also known as Forward Collision Warning (FCW), crash-mitigation warning, adaptive cruise control, automatic-emergency braking or similar sounding names. These systems warn a driver of an impending collision with a car or object directly in its forward path. Some systems apply the brakes, sometimes firmly enough the bring the vehicle to a full stop. While most of these radars operate on 77 GHz, which does not trigger an alert in V1 Gen2, some systems in GM, Mercedes-Benz and commercial vehicles use K-band radar. V1 Gen2 resists interference from those systems in Mercedes-Benz and commercial vehicles. However, the following list of GM vehicles will trigger a forward K-band alert in V1 Gen2: 2013-2016 Cadillac SRX, ATS, CTS, XTS and Escalade. Vehicle manufacturers are generally moving toward the higher-frequency 77 GHz system.last revised 4/20/2020

Location, Location, Location: The ingenious Radar Locator points to the threat Ahead, Beside or Behind. We created direction-finding with the V1 Gen1; now V1 Gen2 extends that know-how. It scans all around your car; a radar antenna and a laser eye look forward, another antenna-eye set looks through the rear glass.

V1 Gen2 is an entirely new security instrument that outperforms by a clear margin even the most highly-evolved version of V1. Inside the all-new magnesium case is an all-new, and patented, radar-seeking engine adapted from a concept used by military CHIRP radars to find fainter targets farther away with higher precision. Ka-band range is impressively better in V1 Gen2. K-band range is also improved. Our new SAW-D2L and LNA technologies enable this substantial range increase over traditional V1 while also providing a breakthrough in stealth.

Advance notice can be very handy when you're using a radar detector. and in that area, the Valentine One excels. You'll also get high sensitivity, which is helpful in alerting you to speed-detecting radar.

The V1 actually contains two radar detection antennas, one pointed forward and the other towards the rear. This enables one of the nicest features of the V1: directional arrows. Not only are motorists alerted to the presence of radar, they also learn its general direction (ahead or behind the vehicle). This is valuable information. Most detectors offer no indication of where to look for the radar source.

In addition to handy directional arrows, the Valentine One displays the number of radar signals it is tracking. It can track up to eight different sources simultaneously. This is another powerful capability, since at times there may be more than one speed monitoring device in the area.

The Valentine One has an exact frequency scan and thus offers optimal detection of the radars used in Europe. Continuous development of the European version has improved both warning times and false alarm suppression.

When shopping for the Best Cordless Radar Detector, the Valentine One radar detector should be on your list of potential options since it provides great usability from performance to design. This laser radar detector finds a variety of signals that range from radar guns, safety hazard vehicles, and traffic cameras. Investing in the best radar detector may help you combat speeding tickets and lessen encounters with police.

This device can read the information on the x band, k band, and ka band. Within these bands, you will receive detection from any radar gun, or police nearby. Sometimes it does a little more and picks up signals from automatic doors, but overall it will improve your dr


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