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Download Film Karamati Coat Full Movies \/\/FREE\\\\


Download Film Karamati Coat Full Movies \/\/FREE\\\\

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THE boy looks at the bobbing expanse of the Arabian Sea. Closing in behind him are a trio of nasty crooks bearing long knives. A moment's hesitation and he chucks a tomato-red coat into the water. Later, the coat washes ashore. Another boy playing with a hoop along the water's edge picks it up and puts it on. The film ends with this boy, obviously from the wrong side of the tracks, frozen in a delirious mid-jump as he discovers that it's a golden goose of a coat-the pocket has a never-ending supply of one rupee coins.

The films deal with the often painful process of growing up. Of the realisation that the adult world is full of contradictions and half-truths. Whether it's the eight-year-old shepherd boy of the desert near the Rann of Kutch, fantasising about camels flying in the skies, in Gopika Desai's efferves-cently charming Mujhse Dosti Karoge Or the other 12-year-old shepherd boy in Shyam Ranjankar's Ashwa, daydreaming about owning a feudal lord's magnificent black horse, or the middle class village schoolboy in Orissa in A.K. Bir's lyrical Lavanya Preeti (Loving Hearts) who escapes into a fictional world in the forest to find his own answers to the big questions of life. ncyp in its earlier avatar as the Children's Film Society, did brighten up Sunday mornings for children. But, like most of the child protagonists in film lore, these films were, until a few years ago, poor relatives of "adult" films. There was a dowdy, hand-me-down quality about these children's films made on frayed-shoe-string budgets, and more of lip-service from governments publicly committed to transforming Chacha Nehru's dreams for children into reality.

Children's movie Karamati Coat with the voice of a narrator inserted in the gaps in the dialogues to describe those crucial parts of the film that have very less or no audio clues, thereby allowing a visually challenged person to fully understand and enjoy the movie.

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